For many years I have been painting part-time while designing jacquard woven fabrics for interiors. Working with color, texture, and pattern has definitely influenced my sense of seeing and ideas of composition.

I paint both portraits and landscapes. Both deal with life; both live and breathe in their own way.

When painting portraits, I consciously try to get the character and the mood of the model. Sometimes what ends up on the canvas is more than what I see with my eye. I cannot explain it because it is not always intentional; I sort of lose myself in the process of painting. Hopefully it ends up being an honest portrait that evokes some sort of emotion or empathy from the viewer.

When painting landscapes, I try to emote what is going on around me at the time - weather, temperature and atmosphere. My plein air sketches are done within a few hours and provide a good source of information for my larger studio paintings. At present I am doing more plein air studies; this has given me a chance to play around with composition and design.

Whether creating a figurative or landscape painting, there is something that happens: I become a channel for whatever is supposed to come out on the canvas: I have to let go of trying to make a perfect painting. The only way I know to do this is to continue painting, trying to learn and improve.

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